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We are hobbyists of the IPO / Schutzhund sport since 1990. 

We would like to thank all those who have supported us on our journey through this wonderful dogsport, as without you we would not have achieved success nor met so many wonderful friends.

Jiří z údolí Úpy, IPO1

DOB: 07.06.2015


grau / sable

Sire: SG-Coudy z údolí Úpy, Kkl, SchH3, IPO3, FH1

Dam: SG-Honey z údolí Úpy, Kkl, IPO3


4-5 Tom van't Leefdaalhof, 4-5 Aline von der Mohnwiese, 5-5 Olix von Karthago

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Some of Jiří's results:

Jirí received his IPO1 under SV Judge Hans-Christian Boll 10/20/2018 with 95-96-96 - 287, giving him High In Trial, HS IPO1, HS Obedience & HS Protection

V-Teemu vom Kleetal, IPO2, Kkl

   DOB: 05.01.2014

black & tan
Sire: V-Esphino vom Brigar, SchH3, LGA-FCI, Kkl1, HD/ED Normal
Dam:  V-Franzi vom Hagenberg, SchH2, Kkl1 lbz,
HD FN / ED Normal DM Free
Linebred:  Etzel v Stadfeld 3-4
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Some of Teemu's results:

Teemu received his IPO2 with 98-86-94 - 278 (HS Tracking) under SV Judge Hans-Christian Boll on 10/21/2018

Teemu received his IPO1 with 96-92-94 - 282, High in Trial, HS IPO1, HS Tracking, HS Obedience & HS Protection.  Teemu also received V4 in the Ontario Regional Sieger Show and was breed surveyed under SV Judge Edgar Pertl (Austria) June 6-8, 2018

Teemu received his BH and AD at Schutzhund Club of Buffalo Fall Trial, October 24, 2015 , under SV Judge Franz Kampenhuber 

Fara von Trostberg, IPO3 - now retired

DOB: 07.11.2009

Hips OFA Excellent /
Elbows Normal
grau / sable

Sire: V-Hannes v Spadener Holz, SchH3, FH1, Kkl1

Dam: V-Delta v Trostberg, SchH3, Kkl1

Linebred: 4-5 Ork v Wolfendobel

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Thank you Jacqulyn Thompson and Al Rinow for these great action photos.

Some of Fara's results:

  IPO3  <HS IPO3, HS Tracking, HS Obedience, HS Protection & High in Trial>  (97-94-96 - 287) - SV Judge Ludger Vortkamp

IPO3  <HS IPO3, HS Tracking, HS Protection & High in Trial>  (99-97- 98- 294) - SV Judge Heinz Kruse 

IPO3  <HS IPO3, HS Protection & High in Trial>  (90-92-100 - 282) - SV Judge Heinz Gerdes 

IPO3  (52-96-95 - /) - SV Judge Hermann Schämann

IPO2  <HS IPO2 & HS Tracking> (99-93-92 - 284) - SV Judge Heiko Grube

IPO1  <HS IPO1> (92-97-99 = 288) -SV Judge Heinz Kruse

BH - SV Judge Rüdigar Mai

Fara is our 3rd generation - mother is V-Delta von Trostberg, SchH3, Kkl1 and grand-mother is SG-Heike vom Kraftwerk, SchH1.  Her father is V-Hannes vom Spadener Holz, SchH3, FH1, Kkl1 - son of the famous Quax von der Fasanerie and Wicki von den Wannaer Höhen, both known for producing high drives, sound temperament, good aggression and excellent conformation and longevity. (please check our Other Videos section for a video of Quax)

Fara received her BH (High BH) at the 2011 Ontario Regional Championships, under SV Judge Rüdigar Mai.  Herr Mai's critique:  'excellent handling, excellent dog, excellent work from beginning to end, I have nothing to write, congratulations'.


SG-Idschi vom Suhler Wappen, SchH3, IPO3 - now retired

DOB: 06.29.2005

12x SchH 3, IPO3
ZB: "SG"
dkl. grau / dark sable
Sire: SG-Harry vom dunklen Zwinger, SchH3, Kkl1
Dam: V-Ondra vom Haus Vortkamp, SchH3, Kkl1
4,4 - 4 Fero v Zeuterner Himmelreich
5-5 Ork v Wolfendobel


  Thank you Al Rinow for the great photos!


Successes to date:

Medium size, medium strong female with excellent expression, very good proportions, very strong rear drive, very good pigment, normal withers, good topline, with well lay of croup.

IPO3 (83-94-96 - 273) High in Trial & HS Protection

(this was Idschi's last trial, she is now retired)

IPO3 (87-90-90 - 267) 

IPO3 (96-89-95 - 280)

HS IPO3 Protection - 99 

2011 Canadian GSD National Championship Competitor

2011 Ontario Regionals - 2nd place & HS Obedience (93-94-93 - 280)

HS SchH3, HS Tracking

HS SchH3

5th Pl & HS Protection
2010 Ontario Regional Championships

HS SchH3, HS Tracking, HS Protection, High in Trial
(95-90-96 - 281)

2009 Western Regional Championship Competitor

High Score SchH2 (98-93-93 - 284)
SchH1 (92-85-88 - 265)

Received the following LMGSD Club Annual Awards:
........High Score SchH1 - 2008
........High Score SchH2 - 2008


V-Delta von Trostberg, SchH3, Kkl 1 - 02/11/2003 - 10/15/2014 (in loving memory)
DOB: 02.11.2003
SchH 3
ZB: "V"; Kkl. 1
Hips Good; Elbows Normal
grau / sable
Sire: Gero v Körbeltal, SchH3, Kkl2, WUSV (2x)
Dam: Heike vom Kraftwerk, SchH1
Linebred - 5-5 Alk v Ambassadeur

Thank you Lance Couture for this great shot!

Some of Delta's results:

Breed Survey / Körbericht :
Mittelgross, mittelkräftig, vorzüglicher Ausdruck, hündinnentypisch, korrektes Gebäudeverhältnis, Front gerade, Oberarm gut gelagert, normaler Widerrist,
fester Rücken, gute Kruppe. Gute Gänge mit kräftigem Nachschub. Wesen sicher, TSB ausgeprägt, läßt ab

V. Besondere
Sehr gutes Wesen mit ausgeprägtem Triebverhalten.

Medium size, medium strong, excellent expression, typical feminity, correct structural proportions. Straight front, good lay of upper arm, normal withers, strong back, good croup. Powerful rear gait. Very good temperament, TSB pronounced, releases.

V. Special Qualities
Very good temperament with praiseworthy pronounced drive

.....Top Ten SchH3 for 2008 (Canada) 99-98-99 -296 (1st place)

Received the following LMGSD Club Annual Awards:
........High SchH3 - 2008 ...................High SchH3 - 2007.........................High SchH2 - 2007
........High Tracking - 2008 ................High Tracking - 2007......................High SchH1 - 2007
........High Obedience - 2008 .............High Obedience - 2007
........High Protection - 2008 ...............High Protection - 2007

........Dan Radke Memorial Trophy for HS Obedience (98) in Western Region (2008)

........Dan Radke Memorial Trophy for HS Obedience (99) in Western Region (2007)

........Top Ten SchH3 for 2007 (Canada) 99-95-99 -293 (2nd place)
........Top SchH2 Score for 2007 (Canada) 100-99-99 - 298
........HS SchH3, HS Tracking, HS Protection, High in Trial


SG-Heike vom Kraftwerk, SchH1  (in loving memory)
DOB: 01.10.1997
SchH 1
ZB: "SG"
Hips Good; Elbows Normal
grau / sable

Please check Our Videos page for video clips of Heike working at age 9




9 year old Heike with helper, Peter Tse


Sira von Haus Antverpa, SchH3 (in loving memory)

DOB: 03.20.1994

SchH 3
ZB: "G"
Hips OFA Good 


Bodo von Trostberg, SchH1 (in loving memory)


DOB: 02.18.2001 - 12.05.2011

SchH 1
(HS Tracking, HS Protection, HS SchH1 &
High in Trial) 
dkl. grau / dark sable
Retired early due to injury, while running blinds his rear left leg went into a gopher hole damaging ligaments & tendons.  Despite his injury, Bodo lived a long life and although he missed working, loved to chase his ball, do fun obedience and get the odd bite from the helpers.
He is sadly missed!
SG-Bobbi v Trostberg, SchH3, 2005 Cdn. National Champion
Bronko v Trostberg, SchH1, HS SchH1, High in Trial
SG-Sam vom Dahliashof, SchH1 (in loving memory)


DOB: 08.25.1994

SchH 1
ZB: "SG"
Hips 'a' Normal 
dkl. grau / dark sable


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